Coffee May Boost Performance In Sports Like Cycling: Study – NDTV Food

Are you an aspiring sportsperson? You may want to include coffee in your diet. According to a latest study published in the ‘Journal Nutrients, coffee may boost athletic performance if cyclists. The study said that drinking coffee improves the speed of cycling in both men and women. In a 5km cycling trial, it found that coffee ingestion had a positive effect on the time trial performance of both sexes.

Both men and women respond similarly to coffee. The researchers also said that coffee ingestion may be a practical source of caffeine prior to exercise to improve performance.At first, the study was conducted on 38 participants (19 men, 19 women).Participants restricted coffee consumption for 12 hours before drinking either: coffee providing of caffeine, a placebo in water or nothing as a control.

In a 5km cycling time trial, following coffee intake, the performance of both men and women improved by approximately nine seconds and six seconds as compared to those who had either taken the placebo or the control. The research revealed that there were no differences in performance were observed between the placebo and control.

This research highlights the ergogenic benefit of coffee ingestion. Till date, a good quantum of research has focused only on anhydrous caffeine and on men.

Coffee Benefits

Coffee if consumed in moderation can prove to be very good for overall health. Here are common health benefits associated with coffee.

– Studies have suggested that coffee may prevent onset of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and keep your liver healthy.

– Moderate intake of coffee may help manage symptoms of Type 2 diabetes according to some studies

-It may reduce risk of Alzheimer’s Disease. Coffee may enhance brain activity and improve concentration power too

-It may help boost heart health as well


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