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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – A study from shows that Kansans are racking up 24 hours of sleep debt pure week since COVID-19 lockdowns began. says it has conducted a study showing that the average Kansan has accrued 24 hours of sleep debt pure week since the COVID-19 began.

The link building site says as many have been working from home and juggling family life with little or no childcare, the CVOID-19 pandemic has changed routines. It says as a result about 25% of respondents to its study say their sleep routines have changed since the beginning of the pandemic.

Ocere says along with everyday life changes, Americans are also in the midst of a huge economic fallout, however, an often-overlooked cost of lockdown is the amount and quality of sleep they’re getting. The study shows that 37% of respondents say worry over COVID-19 is the biggest cause of their insomnia.

According to Ocere, several studies have shown people are getting less quality sleep since the beginning of the pandemic. It says “sleep debt” is the difference between the amount of sleep that you need and the amount you’re actually getting, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

Ocere says what’s even worse is that sleep debt cannot be repaid by binge sleeping on the weekends. It says eight hours of restorative sleep is recommended for adults each night.

Another contributor to gathering sleep debt is caffeine. The survey shows that 28% of employees working from home admit to consuming more caffeine than they did while working in an office.

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