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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — Cannabis is on the syllabus at a local university.

Sullivan University has announced that it will offer an “Introduction to Cannabis Studies” course online for the Fall 2020 semester that begins on Sept. 28.

In a news release, the university cites the legalization of hemp in Kentucky, as well as the increasing legalization of medicinal and recreational cannabis in various parts of the U.S., as reasons for a growing interest in learning about cannabis through “a well-structured, college-level course.”

“While the social implications of the industry and the interest in the topic is becoming very important in academic research and as a field of study, the course is intended to be academic and objectively focused without attempting to be involved in any social movement,” said Dr. Tonnie L. Renfro, chair of Social and Behavioral Science at Sullivan University, in a statement. “The course can be important for many students in various programs, as a general education elective, giving an additional choice for students.”

The introductory course is expected to provide a broad overview of cannabis uses and the industry, as well as the related psychological, social, economic and legal issues surrounding the topic.

According to the news release, students who complete the course should gain the ability to:

  • Describe the culture of cannabis use in the United States.
  • Discuss ethical, social and legal impacts of cannabis. 
  • Evaluate depictions of marijuana use and the cannabis industry in the media.
  • Apply sociological and psychological theories to issues associated with marijuana in culture.
  • Describe the medicalization of cannabis.
  • Discuss social change and perceptions of normalcy related to cannabis.
  • Describe formal and informal mechanisms of social control relative to cannabis use.
  • Describe the emergence and development of the cannabis industry in the United States.

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