Which study space is a fit for you? (accessible version) – University of Wisconsin-Madison

Which study space is a fit for you?

Midterm season means lots of studying. Luckily, there’s plenty of spots around campus to help you get in the zone. Take this quiz to find out where you should go to hit the books!

Where should you study?


  1. How do you work in group projects?
    1. Ugh… leave me alone. I want to do the work by myself.
    2. I usually end up doing almost all the work.
    3. I usually just follow everyone else’s lead.
    4. They’re great! I love working with other people!
  2. Which type of environment do you like studying in?
    1. Somewhere very quiet with no distractions
    2. Surrounded by all my study buddies
    3. Anywhere with music and good vibes
    4. Anywhere but a library!
  3. Which subject will you most likely be studying for?
    1. Math
    2. Political Science
    3. Science
    4. Comm Arts
    5. Art
    6. Other
  4. How much coffee do you need to drink to get focused?
    1. Give me an energy drink so I can be up all night!
    2. None – I don’t drink coffee.
    3. One to two cups does the trick for me.
    4. I need espresso shots ASAP
  5. How long are you planning on studying for?
    1. I’m going to study until the sun rises
    2. 1-2 hours at most
    3. Probably around 3 or 4 hours
    4. Let’s face it — I probably won’t end up studying


Mostly A’s: You got… the Memorial Library study cages!

“Shhh… Don’t talk to me, I have to upload my homework on Canvas by 11:59 tonight!” You need complete silence to get focused. Here you can be alone and away from all the distractions of the world. You’re sure to get an A after a night in the cages.

Mostly B’s: You got… Memorial Union!

You rely on good vibes and positive energy to power through your exams. You like keeping to yourself but also don’t mind being in the company of strangers. This hideaway in Memorial Union is perfect for you. Complete with a fireplace and fun plants, it’s the nicest mix of cozy and contemporary… just like you!


You got… Wisconsin Historical Society!

Scenic views and elaborate architecture make studying a little less boring. When you’re here, you can take in the history of Wisconsin while also catching up on your latest assignment or studying lecture slides on Canvas. The Historical Society is the place for you.

Mostly C’s: You got… Chazen Cafe!

You’re artsy and like… really cool. You can’t function without coffee… and you’re going to need a couple cups to help you get studying. The new Chazen Cafe is a great fit for your aesthetic and can meet all your caffeine needs. Plus, there’ll be enough happening around you to keep you energized.


You got… the Law Library!

“Sorry, can’t hang. I have to study.” When you need to study, you get serious. You go in grind mode and always get all of your assignments done. This place is for people who mean business only — and you’ll need to be able to fly through hundreds of pages of textbooks easily.

Mostly D’s: You got… Grainger Business Library!

“Did you see the latest group project that was posted on Canvas?” You’re really popular and probably have tons of LinkedIn connections, so it’s no surprise that you should study in the library at Grainger. This place is literally made for collaboration and creativity, which are two of your strongest suits.